Layton On The Machine

06-laytonNow that the Sanibel project is complete, why not start another romper and compare? I mentioned that I had cut out the Layton, last week, so now I’m ready to get this one sewn! I did make the ‘mistake’ of using a noticeable fabric design with this with the Layton (if you look carefully, there are side seams to both the front bodice and shorts), so I’m crossing my fingers that I did a decent job pattern matching. I also managed to use the same material for the lining so I’m doubly crossing my fingers because there isn’t much fabric left to recut pieces.

After reading through the instructions, I’ve decided to skip any serging too – my intent is to do this project entirely on my standard machine. I can’t wait for this to be finished too – it’s really starting to heat up here and I’m definitely needing more pieces to my summer wardrobe!