I’m Back!

05-royalgorge……. And I’m back! Last week we spent time in Colorado doing all sorts of touristy stuff: hiking,¬†taking a ride to the top of a mountain, explored a cave, visited a museum, and eating lots of wonderful food (I may have to re-look at what pattern size I should be sewing now). I even (attempted to) conquered my fear of heights and tried a “Wind Walker Challenge Course” (full disclosure, I did not do the segment that was 600 feet off the ground, I got brave, but not that brave). The photo on the right was taken at the Royal Gorge bridge as we walked back across it.

Now that we’re home, it’s time to get back into the swing of sewing! I have LOTS of plans so lets see how many I can tackle. High on my sewing list this week are: Betz White’s Metro Hipster¬†with a matching Emmaline Bag’s Necessary Clutch wallet, finishing up the never-ending Sanibel Romper project and then starting a new romper, the Layton by Seamwork Magazine, and do a bit more swimsuit sewing by starting the Siren Swim Top (I also have the Hello Sailor bottoms, but want to see how this turns out first). What has everyone else been sewing up lately?