Ready for a Hula

05-hawaiianshirt2After burning the midnight oil, I am happy to report the Hawaiian Shirt Project is complete! This was my second time working with the Bookworm Button-Up (you can check out my original version here) and I found it to come together just as nicely as the first go around!

For this version I went with the short sleeved option with a straight hem and no pockets in a size 8 (which is the largest that this pattern goes to). The directions are great and have lots of photos to help you along with each step – making this a good pattern to try out if you’re new to shirt making. Everything really did come 05-hawaiianshirt1together well – I’m not really pleased with my collar stand, but that is more of a ‘me being in a hurry’ issue than a pattern issue (I also had to remind myself that no one is going to be seeing the collar stand and it still look 10x better than a purchased shirt anyway!).

As for the fit, it’s a bit snug. Most of that issue is due to the fact he had to wear his ‘reading shirt’ underneath the Hawaiian Shirt, but I also suspect that he’s going through another growth spell and I’ll have to re-look at what size I’m making in his patterns.

Overall this shirt totally rocks, though! No only is he enjoying the fact he has a Hawaiian shirt (as you can see in the ‘action shot’ he’s doing the Hula), but it looks great and I was able to make this for under $8! Sometimes sewing is cheaper than buying retail!