Teachers Change the World

05-teachersThis week has been Teacher’s Appreciation week at Easton’s school. This year the principal asked that each day small tokens of appreciation were to be given to the teachers (writing their teacher notes, bringing their favorite drink, buying items off their classroom wishlist, etc.). Since I generally do an ‘end-of-year’ gift on the last day of school, I always struggle to find something small for this week….. until I decided to do towels!

I opted to embroider this Teachers Change the World design onto colorful tea towels. Sadly, I’m not thrilled with my end result. Since I didn’t have the ‘exact’ colors listed in the color change sheet, I decided to do it myself – a lot of times this works out well…. this time, not so much (it’s just not a smooth transition from one color to the next). I also didn’t use a heavy enough stabilizer for this design and had places where my bobbin thread showed through. Next year I vow I won’t be so rushed to work on a project that I’ll have time to get all my supplies together beforehand!