Another Sanibel Update

05-sanibelWhen it comes to the Sanibel Romper project, I feel as if things are moving at a snail’s pace. In part this is due to all the ‘details’ of the project (pockets, collars & stands, cuffs with plackets) and just life in general that has kept me out of the sewing room.

The most recent additions to this project are the back & yoke, pockets, and collar & stand. I also started work on the sleeves (but haven’t attached them yet) and added the placket to them. It took me quite a while to work on the sleeve placket because it was a completely different technique to insert it than what I’ve ever done before… I think it worked out well, and looks very nice in the end, but I’m not convinced it’s any easier than how I’ve done plackets in the past. I’m anxious to get back to this today so I can finish up the bodice completely and start on the ‘shorts’ section of this project.

Speaking of rompers…. I was excited to see the latest patterns for Seamwork yesterday because one of them was a quick to sew romper! If this turns out well, I think I may give that one a whirl as well as the Perry dress – so may projects to try, so little time!