Sneak Peek

04-sampeAfter a weekend of birthday celebrations (Easton turned 8) and soccer games, our week started with a terrible stomach bug (once again, Easton). Consequently, the blog has been quiet for the past several days and not much sewing has been going on. Now that things are ‘back to normal’ (cross your fingers no one else gets that virus), I can give you a sneak peek of a pattern that I’ve been testing out!

This is a soon to be released Peek-a-boo Patterns┬ádesign. While I can’t give you all the details yet, I can say:

  • This item sews up pretty quickly and easily and only has a few pieces to cut out. I was able to sew this one up in a (full) morning.
  • It’s a figure flattering design and I adore “the back”.
  • I am unsure of the official release date, but my guess will be in the next two weeks.

I’ll be sure to let you know when this pattern is available and give you the full review (and more photos) then. In the mean time, I’m hoping to get back to the Sanibel as this has been a slow moving project.