Linky Thursday

When spring weather hits, I get the sudden urge to redecorate. Give new life to a room by sewing up a new duvet cover…. then use this tutorial to learn how to easily insert the comforter¬†into your new cover!¬†

Believe it or not, I have very curly hair. Keeping it from getting frizzy (especially in the summer) is always a challenge, so I’m excited to give this Plopping Towel a try when I decide to ‘go natural’.

In an effort to make tax day less painful, Sew4Home is giving away 2 bags stuffed with fabrics! Hurry you have 9 more days to enter this one!

Have a makeup loving friend? Whip up one of these adorable Zip Your Lip bags – they’re perfect for gift giving!

I get really excited when I see one of my projects floating around Pinterest. This morning, I stumbled across an oldie, but goodie – my tutorial for a Sewing Supply Case Roll. This is a great project to make for yourself or for gift giving this Mother’s Day!

Teeny Tiny Pouches. Enough said.

With the weather turning warmer, I feel the urge to start getting ready for summer. If you’re headed to the beach, you’ll definitely want to check out this great mesh beach bag.

What could be cuter than a stuffed elephant? How about 3 of them? Learn how to make these adorable pachyderm decorations in 3 different sizes.

Foxes are still a popular theme in fabrics and home decor. Learn how to make this fun fox pillow and add a bit of it to your home!

I don’t have a cat, but if I did, I would definitely want to make this cat shaped bed.

Wearing a belt can do more than just keep your pants up. Learn how to make your own version that can make an outfit pop or coordinate your look.

I wind up re-using my plastic grocery bags for a variety of different things. Consequently, I have a GIANT stash of them under the sink in my kitchen. I should probably make one of these grocery bag sleeves to make it look nicer (plus this one is fat quarter friendly).