Marvel Hoodie pt. 2

04-highfivehoodieJust in time for tonight’s show, the Marvel Hoodie¬†project is complete!

Considering this is a jacket, it sewed up fairly quickly and I really, really like the end results. I wound up using a lot more black than what I anticipated because the print is so busy and it just needed something to brake it up (in fact, I originally had cut out the sleeves in this print and changed my mind because it was just too much, even for me). However, like a lot of projects, there were a few grumblings along the way. My chief complaints were:

  • Putting the zipper in a (very) stretchy knit is never fun. One thing the instructions never tell you to do is stabilize the zipper area…. and I never thought of it until after I inserted the zipper. So keep this in mind if you make this project. I also noticed the instructions tell you to baste the zipper, but I never saw it mention to actually sew it down until the topstitching section.
  • The waist and sleeve bands are very small. So small, that there is a lot of stretching required to get it to fit. While it isn’t too tight or uncomfortable to wear, it is a pain to insert and you wind up getting some “gathers” where it’s drawing the hem up when it’s not being worn. I would suggest adding a bit of length to these to make it look a little better and a whole lot easier to sew!

Otherwise this was a pretty straightforward garment to sew, just be sure to allot enough time to work on it so you don’t have to burn the midnight oil to finish it, like me!

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