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04-marvelliveQuite some time ago we bought tickets (advanced ordered….. way advanced) to Marvel Universe Live for Easton. Around the same time, I ordered a fun, Marvel character knit print with the intention that I would make a shirt or hoodie for him to wear to the show….. Months (and months) later, the fabric is still sitting on my sewing table and the show is this weekend! Nothing like last minute sewing, right?

Pushing aside other projects, my agenda for the next few days is to whip up another High Five Hoodie using the Marvel print. Considering that it’s been about a year since I’ve made this pattern and the fact that Easton has taken a big growth spurt, I’ve decided that I’m going up one size – I would rather it be too big now and be able to still wear it next year, then him only be able to wear it for a few months. Consequently, it’s back to putting together the PDF before cutting out the fabric (two tasks that I absolutely dread). The project details are below:

Pattern: Peek-a-Boo Pattern’s High Five Hoodie

Marvel Packed character knit from Peek-a-Boo Fabrics

Black Jersey remnant (from unknown project and fabric source):

Total Cost:

Pattern….. stash
Fabric……. $22.73 (+stash)
Notions…. $2.67

Total $25.40

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