Side Stripe Shirt

04-jalieshirtAfter yesterday’s short post, I decided that I had so much fabric left over that Easton needed a matching shirt too. So, once again, I cracked out Jalie 2918. Instead of a solid color shirt, I opted to make a matching tee with a side stripe, using the same mods that I used last time… the only difference is that I had enough material to make a wider side stripe!

While I love the end result, this tee came out a little more snug than my previous version. This is in part the fabric (the orange has enough stretch, but just barely) and also the fact that Easton must have taken another 04-eastongrowth spurt overnight because all his current clothing (sewn and ready to wear) is beginning to ‘shrink’ on him! Sadly, I don’t think this shirt will make it the entire summer before it looks ridiculously small on him.

I still have a ton of material left to try again (or I may opt for a different style so he doesn’t have two shirts that look exactly the same) – thankfully when I purchased this fabric, I had lots of coupons so each article of clothing will round out to be about $5 each! Not bad for kids play clothes!

And here is the look all together – as you can tell, he begrudgingly posed for this one. However, I am happy to report that I was able to fix the drawcord issue that I talked about yesterday so he was much happier about that at least!



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