Personalized Fabric

04-joannConsidering the recent news that Hancock Fabrics is going out of business, it’s nice to see that other fabric chains are attempting to change their models to stay relevant. The latest? Personalized fabric. Joann’s has started a ‘print on demand’ type service with limited designs that can be monogrammed or have a name printed (up to 12 characters) on a variety of different materials. While this isn’t earth shattering, it is a cool option that I hope will eventually expand in the future….. if it can work correctly.

You see, I thought I would test this service out this morning and order a yard (or two…. because I found the perfect fabric for Taylor). Not only did it take several attempts to even get the design to appear on the screen without errors, once I finally did get it to work, it would’t load into the cart (or I get more error messages) no matter what browser I used. In the mean time, I’ve let them know that I’m having problems ordering and will keep you posted on how it turns out, etc. if I ever get it to work.

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