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Marvel Hoodie

04-marvelliveQuite some time ago we bought tickets (advanced ordered….. way advanced) to Marvel Universe Live for Easton. Around the same time, I ordered a fun, Marvel character knit print with the intention that I would make a shirt or hoodie for him to wear to the show….. Months (and months) later, the fabric is still sitting on my sewing table and the show is this weekend! Nothing like last minute sewing, right?

Pushing aside other projects, my agenda for the next few days is to whip up another High Five Hoodie using the Marvel print. Considering that it’s been about a year since I’ve made this pattern and the fact that Easton has taken a big growth spurt, I’ve decided that I’m going up one size – I would rather it be too big now and be able to still wear it next year, then him only be able to wear it for a few months. Consequently, it’s back to putting together the PDF before cutting out the fabric (two tasks that I absolutely dread). The project details are below:

Pattern: Peek-a-Boo Pattern’s High Five Hoodie

Marvel Packed character knit from Peek-a-Boo Fabrics

Black Jersey remnant (from unknown project and fabric source):

Total Cost:

Pattern….. stash
Fabric……. $22.73 (+stash)
Notions…. $2.67

Total $25.40

Side Stripe Shirt

04-jalieshirtAfter yesterday’s short post, I decided that I had so much fabric left over that Easton needed a matching shirt too. So, once again, I cracked out Jalie 2918. Instead of a solid color shirt, I opted to make a matching tee with a side stripe, using the same mods that I used last time… the only difference is that I had enough material to make a wider side stripe!

While I love the end result, this tee came out a little more snug than my previous version. This is in part the fabric (the orange has enough stretch, but just barely) and also the fact that Easton must have taken another 04-eastongrowth spurt overnight because all his current clothing (sewn and ready to wear) is beginning to ‘shrink’ on him! Sadly, I don’t think this shirt will make it the entire summer before it looks ridiculously small on him.

I still have a ton of material left to try again (or I may opt for a different style so he doesn’t have two shirts that look exactly the same) – thankfully when I purchased this fabric, I had lots of coupons so each article of clothing will round out to be about $5 each! Not bad for kids play clothes!

And here is the look all together – as you can tell, he begrudgingly posed for this one. However, I am happy to report that I was able to fix the drawcord issue that I talked about yesterday so he was much happier about that at least!



More Hang Time

04-hangtimeMy notions (drawcord elastic) arrived in the mail this weekend so I was able to finish up a pair of shorts for Easton…. just in time for him to wear outside yesterday (we were in the 80s…. now back to the 60 today).

Once again, I used the Hang Time Basketball shorts pattern – I skipped the pockets and the piping along the side stripe. I also opted to use a wicking material for the main fabric so I think they should be perfect for summer. Once again, I love the way they turned out, but I made a sewing mistake that I didn’t catch until it was complete…. I manage to catch the drawstring in my stitching and now one side of the waistband doesn’t draw up. Initially this was fine, but Easton got frustrated with it later in the day and wound up changing to a different pair. Hope this doesn’t mean that yesterday was the last day this pair will be worn.

Grill Getter

04-bbqLove to make handmade itmes for the holidays be get stumped when it comes to the guys? Have no fear, my latest project featured in Creative Machine Embroidery magazine can help you out! Learn how to make a BBQ Tool Caddy that would make the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Best of all? You can  get the pattern for FREE online right now!

Don’t own an embroidery machine? No worries, you can still follow the directions as outlined and use a fun, printed canvas for the exterior instead!

Linky Thursday

It’s National Serger Month – celebrate by entering to win a new serger, gift certificates and a KnitFix bag from Girl Charlee.

Little girls love playing superhero too. Now you make dress up even better by stitching up masks to go with their costumes. You know I’m all over the Wonder Woman version! Don’t want to sew up an entire costume? How about a cute cape instead?

No kidding, I just bought a tortilla warmer (you know those plastic kinds with a lid) last week. I never even thought of being able to sew my own!

Looking for a quick-to-sew personalized gift? Check out these adorable applique pillowcases. Want something more unique? Skip the name and sew up these gorgeous pillowcases with deep pleated ends.

A changing pad and a diaper caddy all in one!

Keep everything you need to sew with right at your fingertips with this handy Undercover Maker Mat.

Perfect for sewing on the go: a handy organizer bag (with plenty of pockets) to stash you stuff!

Love space? This tutorial will teach you how to make a gorgeous galaxy (deep space) print at home.

I’m sure that I’ve shared this before, but seeing that summer travels are right around the corner, isn’t it time to make a new retreat bag? I just love this pattern and how WIDE it opens so you can see everything you brought!

Speaking of summer trips, now you can sew on the go (well, you have to be the passenger to do it) with this handy suction cup sewing caddy.

Need something for you little boy that’s perfect for play? Make a pair of slim sweats (joggers). Don’t want to start from scratch, but looking for a way to give new life to too short pants? Try this tutorial instead.


This morning I put the finishing touches on two, very large assignments. Hurrah! So how am I celebrating? By starting a new project, of course! This time around I intend to sew up a few more Hang Time Basketball Shorts and a matching shirt (or two) for Easton. Unfortunately, the notions wall at Hancock Fabrics (my resource for the drawcord elastic) was almost completely bare, so I am forced to order online… which means I will have to wait to complete the project for it to come in. That also means that since I went shopping, I had to throw in a couple of other items into my cart…..


Apparently, I can’t resist material with skulls because I kept coming back to this Michael Miller print and eventually broke down and put it into my cart. After a bit more searching, I also discovered this FABULOUS sparkle vinyl (in red) that seemed to scream “Make me into a purse like the ones Diedelbug Handmade makes!”  I also tossed in a black jersey (because quality fabrics with a 4-way stretch is hard to find locally) and made myself stop shopping…. I also think I have enough projects lined up for the rest of spring that I should be plenty busy enough.

Personalized Fabric

04-joannConsidering the recent news that Hancock Fabrics is going out of business, it’s nice to see that other fabric chains are attempting to change their models to stay relevant. The latest? Personalized fabric. Joann’s has started a ‘print on demand’ type service with limited designs that can be monogrammed or have a name printed (up to 12 characters) on a variety of different materials. While this isn’t earth shattering, it is a cool option that I hope will eventually expand in the future….. if it can work correctly.

You see, I thought I would test this service out this morning and order a yard (or two…. because I found the perfect fabric for Taylor). Not only did it take several attempts to even get the design to appear on the screen without errors, once I finally did get it to work, it would’t load into the cart (or I get more error messages) no matter what browser I used. In the mean time, I’ve let them know that I’m having problems ordering and will keep you posted on how it turns out, etc. if I ever get it to work.

Resurrecting the Ensis Tee

04-enisI’ve been seeing lots of color blocking done on shirts recently, so it’s motivated me to do a bit for myself. However, instead of modifying a pattern, I went with one that’s done a lot of the work for me – Papercut Pattern’s Ensis Tee. It’s been quite a while since I made my last version, but I’ve gotten a lot of miles out of it and I love the fit so it seemed like a perfect match.

This time around, I opted to keep the sleeves short (I just didn’t cut out the lower sleeve or cuffs) and went with the curved hem instead of the band. For the lower half of the shirt, I used the rest of the floral knit from my Seamless Lady Skater project and for the top half a pretty peach knit that matches some of the flowers within the print (I would have loved to find an orchid that matched, but no luck). I’m not normally a floral type of gal, but I like the end results of this shirt and it is extremely comfortable to wear. In fact, I like this shirt so much, I may have to dig through my stash to see if I have a few fabrics that may work together to make another version.

Sewing News

04-seamsIt’s always sad to hear when a fabric resource will be no longer. I read last night that the rest of the 185 Hancock Fabric stores will start the liquidation process today and will go on for the next several weeks. While Hancock Fabrics wasn’t a favorite for fabrics (although they did have the occasional gems), ours had a fantastic notions wall full out the ‘weird stuff’ that was hard to find elsewhere. So, if you have a store near you, it’s time to stock up!

In the mean time, I’ve been busily sewing on a project for an upcoming Sew News. While I can’t show you the whole thing, I can give you a sneak peek…. It has some fun “details” (as you can see in the photo on the right) and uses a wonderful, drapey sweater knit (if you’re interested, I used this hacci from I really enjoyed working on this one – it was a fun design challenge that resulted in a fun to wear garment!