In-the-hoop Bunnies

After seeing so many people on social media making cute little stuffies for Easter, I suddenly decided (on Friday) I wanted to make some too! Nothing like a bit of last minute sewing, right?


For this project, I decided to try out Dolls and Daydreams Embroidery Machine Bunny Rabbit Pattern. I picked this one because I am definitely intrigued by ‘in-the-hoop’ style projects (the entire doll is made with your embroidery machine) and the holiday gave me an excuse to try it out!

My thoughts? Wow! I was able to make 4 rabbits in one afternoon\evening sewing session (with a break for egg dying and making dinner thrown in there as well)… I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do that with a standard sewing machine in the same amount of time. There’s lots of opportunities for customization too (besides the fabrics, you can add monograms, appliques, embroidery designs to the bellies). The stitching that is used to hold the dolls together is very tough too so I’m pretty sure there won’t be any chance of a popped seam either.

03-bunnymessNow the drawbacks. First off, you are limited in sizing by the hoops you own. As much as I would have loved to make 10″ bunnies, my largest hoop is only big enough to make the 7″ tall stuffie – they’re cute (and were well received), but I personally would have liked them bigger. The ‘applique stitching’ isn’t necessarily what I would have selected either. While I would have liked a satin stitch, you have a choice between a ‘diamond stitch’ (what I used for the 3 rabbits above) or an ‘applique stitch’ (what I used for the photo on the left). I wound up cutting this one too close and the fabric popped loose while turning.

As you can also guess, this project is also a little messy (with all that faux fur flying around, but who can resist it’s softness?) – so thoroughly cleaning your machine (and sewing area) is a must after you’re done!

Overall, I love these little critters! Even with the drawbacks, will definitely plan on trying out more when the occasion rises (or just because) – it’s a great way to do more with your embroidery machine than just stitch out designs!

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