2-way Stretch

03-leggingI’ve gotten a lot of miles out of Jalie 2920 – thank goodness that leggings haven’t gone out of style! On one of my more recent trips to Joann, I spotted a (knit) Walking Dead material and I couldn’t resist picking some up. I immediately decided that this material was destined to become a comfy, stretchy, lounging around the house pants (alright, I actually ran to the store yesterday in them, so maybe they’are not really house pants).

Normally, I wouldn’t do a big write-up on a pattern that I’ve made several times. However, I wanted to point out that this particular material really only had great stretch going in one direction (the pattern calls for 4-way). I knew this going in, but forgot to compensate for the lack of lengthwise stretch when cutting…. and now they are capris. Thank goodness it’s turning warm out so I can get use out of them in this length!

The moral of this story?: If you don’t have a 4-way stretch material, don’t forget to add extra length to your pattern if you want your leggings to hit your ankle!