Tutti Fruity

03-pennypincherNothing says spring like warm temperatures, fresh lemonade, and sewing projects that feel tropical! This weekend, I had the opportunity to sew up Betz White’s latest pattern, the Tutti Fruity Penny Pincher and I can’t wait to make more. In fact, I have to because Easton took this one so I no longer have a new, cute ‘coin purse’ for our swim bag this year!

The patterns include instructions to make a lime wedge, pineapple, and strawberry change pouches that open and close with an internal flex frame (the kind that you pinch to open). The instructions are simple to follow and the little purses sew up very quickly – in fact, I am pretty sure you could make all 3 in one day. There is also some hand stitching involved, and admittedly, I am terrible at this part….. so I cheated and did it all by machine (I used the¬†decorative stitches that have the look of hand quilting and a blanket stitch. It’s important to note that if you decide to machine stitch everything, you will need to do this step before constructing your purse). FYI, I plan on further “cheating” when it comes to the strawberry and instead of making knots with embroidery floss, I am sewing on little black beads for the seeds!

You can pick up hardware kits (that contain 3 flex frames and O-rings) in Betz’s Shop as well as a wool felt kit (wool felt doesn’t just sew nicer than craft felt, it holds up substantially better¬†too) to make all 3 designs.