Layer Cake T Results

03-hotpatternsI spent my ‘bonus day’ of the year sewing…. and came out with a Hot Pattern’s Layer Cake T. While I really liked the premise of this shirt (it’s faux layers, fun neckline), the end result isn’t exactly what I was hoping for.

While the upper portion and sleeves fit fine, I found that there is a lot of extra material going on in the midriff and, unfortunately, it likes to hang right in front of my belly.  I also had issues with the gathered layer – it looked like a tutu on me (I blame a large part of this on the fact that the stripe was much beefier than the rest of the fabrics) so I wound up shortening it in both length and width…. Now that it’s put together, I wish that I had also shortened the white layer because it looks too wide for the rest of the shirt.

I’m on the fence if I’ll wear this out – I may trying pairing it up with some skinny jeans and see if it looks less tent-like on me. I do know that if I make this again, I definitely need to make some modifications (in addition to the ones I mentioned above, I think I would like to shorten the layered sleeves too)….. and using thin\tissue knits are a must!

One thought on “Layer Cake T Results

  1. Kathy

    Yeah, I was unsure about this pattern so I didn’t purchase it. I do agree after seeing yours that very thin knits are a necessity.

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