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Project: Seamless Lady Skater

03-patternSometimes I come up sewing projects that seem like a good idea at the time, but as I progress through it, winds up being more work than what I anticipated and burn out on it. One project that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile is changing up the Lady Skater. While it’s a cute and popular design, I really disliked the seam and where it hit me (not to mention that it breaks up the fabric design) – so I’ve been itching to make a ‘seamless’ version ever since I first sewed it up. It’s been almost two years since I touched this pattern and I thought this was going to be an easy process…. just morph the top and bottom pieces together and trace. However upon looking at the pattern I noticed that they don’t exactly fit together neatly (you can see that the top portion is almost straight across while the top edge of the skirt is curved). I mulled over my options and came up with this:

03-tracingI would actually make a new dress – I cut out the front\back top sections as well as the skirt and sewed them accordingly. Then I folded them in half (my idea was I could always make a new skater dress with a seam if I liked it in the material I selected), drew a line on my tracing paper (to keep everything straight), place the dress on the tracing paper (with the fold on the the line I created and the rest of the dress laid out without wrinkles), and trace around it all so that I have a seamless design (I also recommend making some registration marks so it makes it easier to match everything up when sewing later). This went pretty smoothly, although I did find that the waist area of the back section of the dress would not evenly smooth out – it’s not large, but it is noticeable enough that it is slightly off when trying to match everything up (I think I’ll have to ease in the top bodice some when sewing get everything to match up). Now that that is finally done making the pattern, I’m anxious to see how this is going to work out for me. By the way, if you’re wondering if I finished the version I traced, I didn’t. It was WAY too busy for even my taste.

Father\Son Fishouflage

03-breteaston….. And another fishouflage shirt is complete! This time I made one for Easton that matched his dad’s. Since I’ve used Jalie 2918 so many times for him, I’ll skip the review and just get right to the picture. (Speaking of pictures, this is what you get when no one really wants to pose and it’s a bit chilly outside).

Next up, two more shirts for us girls…. which means that I need to go out and get more fabric. Since Bret decided he wanted long sleeves I didn’t purchase enough material initially to accommodate that style and have enough left over for another shirt. I do have some nice scraps left over – I’ll have to decide what to do with those soon!


Fabric Organizer Basket

03-basketFeeling the urge to spring clean? These fabric organizer baskets can help you get your home in tip-top shape! That’s right my latest tutorial is live at WeAllSew and this time it’s a bit of home decor fun! These baskets are the perfect size to store all sorts of tools, trinkets, fabric and more  and can easily fit on most shelves. They also have the option of adding handles so they can be easily carried around from place to place. Best of all – this is another fat quarter friendly project!

What have I been doing with my baskets? I’ve been using them to tote around my notions for tracing patterns, taping PDFs, and cutting fabric (this way I can sit in front of the tv and night and work). Hope you enjoy this project and I can’t wait to see your versions soon!

Linky Thursday

Peeps may not be everyone’s favorite Easter candy, but they make the cutest plush! Not only can you make the traditional chicks but here’s one for the bunny as well. And don’t forget the bunting!

Speaking of Easter there’s still plenty of time to sew up a special fabric basket this holiday. Try this version (with a video), a pretty linen and lace, or this basket\organizer (alright, it’s a sewing organizer, but it’s my latest pattern for BERNINA).

Stitch yourself up a new hoodie (with a fun sleeve variation) with this new, free pattern.

The flowers have started to bloom here which means that spring is (almost) here! The warmer air makes me want to sew up pretty dresses like this Flutter Skirt Dress.

These fleece eggs are perfect for decorating, hiding, or putting into your favorite person’s Easter basket.

Water bottle slings are a quick and easy sew that make a great accessory to take on long walks and trips to the park. Looking for something a bit more patch-worky? Try this version instead.

Get ready to hit the beach\pool with a new swimsuit this season. Learn how to make a unique peplum tankini style top (and scroll down to the bottom to get the link for the ruched bottoms).

Whip yourself up a new purse for spring with the Carkai GatheredrCrossbody Bag.

Who says bow ties are just for guys? Here is an adorable version that’s made just for dogs.

While there is no free pattern attached to this tutorial, it does teach you how to make your favorite jacket pattern reversible.

Thinking about making a quilt, but don’t want the commitment of sewing it all at once? Try one a Block of the Month sew along! I had mentioned this Minecraft themed BOM, but here’s a more traditional version for grown-ups.

I love this little busy bag, but am curious how well the Ziplock baggies hold up over time.

This rice shoulder bag is perfect for relieving sore muscle pain.

Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day – make sure you’re wearing green…. like this fabric top hat.

Fishouflage for Men

03-bretshirtI have been sewing Jalie 2918 for ages. However, up until this point it has always been for Easton – that is until this week when I finally sewed something for my husband. That’s right I put the Fishouflage to work and made him a new shirt!

Since this is the first time sewing this pattern up for him, I wasn’t quite sure how all my modifications would work out in the end. This pattern is a more fitted design (rather than relaxed which is what he probably would have preferred) so I opted to go up one size from what he measured. I also morphed two sizes together (to account for the difference in chest\waist sizes) and added almost 2″ in length since he has a long torso. The end result? Awesome. Overall, the modifications worked out well, however after putting it on, he decided he could have gone more fitted in the upper chest after all (I’ll remember that for next time). Next up – a matching look for Easton!


Bird Silhouette Dolman

03-dolmanOnce upon a time, I bought fun bird fabric to make a top that would go under my drop pocket cardigan. In an effort to keep my sewing area neat, I put said fabric in my stash and never saw it again…. until recently when I unearthed it. Since I didn’t have the desire to make that shirt any more (upon researching, I discovered that I had ordered this material in May of 2013!), I decided to do something else with this material – make another Jalie Dolman!

This time around I went with the short sleeved version and the hemmed neckline. Once again this top was put together very quickly and easily (it takes longer to put in the hems than what it does to actually sew the shirt) and I love the results. I think this will be a cute, casual look when paired up with a pair of black shorts (as you can tell, I’ve moved on to spring\summer sewing).

Speaking of dolmans, I finally hemmed my small stripe version yesterday as well (5 months later)! I plan on wearing this one to Easton’s school program this week so I can get some use out of it before the weather turns too warm to wear it.  I will never let a project sit so long waiting to be finished ever again!

Scout’s Honor

03-buttonsAs an 80’s tween\teen I had an awesome denim jacket covered in funky and funny buttons. Apparently my love for this embellishment never died because I have found myself with a huge assortment of buttons lately. Since I’m not sporting them on a jacket anymore, I decided I needed an interesting way to display them…. So, I ordered this fun Friendly Scout ‘panel’ from Spoonflower (which is really a fat quarter size) to make a wall hanging.

This project was extraordinarily easy to create – in fact it took me more time to attach all the buttons than it did to sew the whole project. Now I can’t wait to hang this up and show off my collection!

Framed Purse

purse1Be sure to swing by BERNINA’s WeAllSew site today and check out my latest project – the framed purse! Not only do you have the option of using my pattern, but I’ll show you how to quickly make your own so you can use a wide variety of purse frame shapes and sizes.

Probably the biggest question I’ll get is, “Why the sew in frame? Aren’t glue-in frames easier?” The answer? Availability. If you take a look at most brick-and-mortar stores, you’ll notice that their purse section is probably pretty small – if they carry purse frames at all, chances are, they are the sew-in kind. Nothing is worse that having a project in your heart and then discovering you have to order a bunch of materials to complete it…. so I went with what is readily available, the sew-in. Plus, I’ll be honest, I’m a messy crafter – I get glue everywhere anyway!


Linky Thursday

I was recently asked by a friend to make a mermaid blanket… which got me to wondering, “what about the boys, what do they use?” Then I found this shark blanket…. now I want one, too.

Whether you’re lounging around the house or getting a restful night’s sleep, these pj shorts are sure to make a cozy addition to your bedtime routine.

If you love to mix and match\showcase prints with infants you’ll definitely want to check out this baby jogger pattern (you’ll need to translate the instructions\site).

This mini-clutch is a great little bag that holds all the ‘essentials’ so you can head out the door in a flash… there’s even an attached key ring!

Headed somewhere warm for spring break? Whip yourself up a fun new cover-up compete with pom-poms.

Save your scraps and turn them into no-sew eggs that are perfect for displaying for Easter.

Speaking of Easter…. if you’re still looking for a basket that you can stuff all your goodies into, look no further than this new project up at WeAllSew or this taller, bucket shaped version here.

Skirts are a quick way to dress up your wardrobe. This one is great for beginners while this bandage version is perfect for more advanced sewers (but still easy!).

Not sure what to do with your Liberty of London scraps? This tutorial will show you how to turn them into a pretty headband.

Kids will definitely want to help out in the kitchen when you make them one of these Disney princess inspired aprons.

Probably the easiest pair of underwear you’ll ever make.

Have a sewing date away from your house. Then you’ll definitely want to whip up this traveler tote to take with you.

Layer Cake T Results

03-hotpatternsI spent my ‘bonus day’ of the year sewing…. and came out with a Hot Pattern’s Layer Cake T. While I really liked the premise of this shirt (it’s faux layers, fun neckline), the end result isn’t exactly what I was hoping for.

While the upper portion and sleeves fit fine, I found that there is a lot of extra material going on in the midriff and, unfortunately, it likes to hang right in front of my belly.  I also had issues with the gathered layer – it looked like a tutu on me (I blame a large part of this on the fact that the stripe was much beefier than the rest of the fabrics) so I wound up shortening it in both length and width…. Now that it’s put together, I wish that I had also shortened the white layer because it looks too wide for the rest of the shirt.

I’m on the fence if I’ll wear this out – I may trying pairing it up with some skinny jeans and see if it looks less tent-like on me. I do know that if I make this again, I definitely need to make some modifications (in addition to the ones I mentioned above, I think I would like to shorten the layered sleeves too)….. and using thin\tissue knits are a must!