On the Table: Layer Cake T

It’s Leap Day! That rare extra day we get every 4 years – I figure that it’s fate’s way of telling me that I should spend it sewing…. just for me! Today I decided that I am starting Hot Pattern’s Layer Cake T – I like the whole idea of this layered top, especially the faux tank under it all. The one problem I have with this look is trying to mix and match fabrics. While I love the crazy combinations that a lot of people are able to come up with, I’m not great coming up with them myself. I did manage to sift through my fabric stash and came up with 3 different fabrics that I think work together well, although it is probably a bit on the conservative side as far as mixing prints goes. My only concern is that while the gray and white fabrics have a lot of drape (and should work well for this pattern), the stripe is a lot beefier and I’m unsure how that’s going to work for the ruffle.

Pattern: HotPattern’s Athleisure Layer Cake T

Gray floral jersey from Needle Nook Fabrics

Cream jersey from Joann‘s (remnant from the Rainier in Plaid project)

Small cream stripe jersey from Girl Charlie‘s knitfix (remnant from this dolman stripe top project)

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $12.75
Fabric……. $5.06 (+stash)
Notions…. stash

Total $17.81

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  1. LK

    I’m not great at mixing and matching either. It always seems to turn out childish and not chic. I bet the stripe will work great for the ruffle, a good strong ruffle is almost never a bad thing!

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