Men’s Tee Modified

02-eastonteeWith our weather this week turning remarkably spring-like (80’s tomorrow!) – I thought it might be time to tackle some of those ‘warm weather projects” that I have on my list. So, I set out to sew up a pair of shorts for Easton…. then got sidetracked and made a shirt instead!

Once again I used Jalie 2918, but decided to change up the design a bit. I used a lime green (which seems to be our favorite color this year) for the sleeves and neckband, but it still looked like it needed a bit more color in the shirt (especially since it was a pretty basic white everywhere else) so I opted to add a side stripe!

I didn’t have a lot of material to work with (otherwise, I would have added a larger band to the sides), so I added a 2″ strip to the edges of the shirt (which means that I trimmed off 3/4″ off the side edges of the front and back). When constructing the shirt (after sewing the front & back together), I attached the band to the side front, then to the side back, then inserted the sleeve. I am super pleased with the result and will definitely remember this for future projects! I’ll be sure to capture an action shot, but for now, here is the shirt “hot off the sewing machine”.

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