T-Shirt Shrink Down

While out shopping for a birthday party gift, I found myself wandering around the store looking at… everything. I stumbled across a men’s t-shirt for Five Night’s at Freddy’s (one of Easton’s favorite computer games). Chances are this theme will never make into kids sizes so I snagged the smallest size (a men’s large) and decided that I would shrink it down into something he could wear.


For this recon, I used Jalie 2918 (view A). Because the logo of this shirt was so large, I had a hard time getting it to fit entirely on the smaller shirt – consequently, a bit of the ear got cut off, but I think it still works. To make this sew go a bit quicker, I kept the original sleeve hems (I used the sleeve pattern for his shirt size, but omitted the hem length so it wouldn’t be too long). Overall this was a fast sew with great results!

1 thought on “T-Shirt Shrink Down

  1. Rhonda

    Believe it or not, I do this all the time for myself. I have an old Stretch and Sew t-shirt pattern that I really love, looks more like a lovely women’s t-shirt rather than a generic version. I buy a large t-shirt and then re-cut the shirt as I like.
    I love how Easton’s shirt turned out and I’m sure he will as well 🙂

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