Linky Thursday

If concert and novelty tees are taking over your closet, don’t get rid of them. Transform them into an awesome looking quilt.

Getting tired of your old sweaters? Transform them into cozy pillows instead.

Keeping kids rooms neat and tidy is made just a bit easier with this bedside organizer.

Learn how to create a designer looking handbag in an afternoon.

Proving that I need more time to sew…. Hot Pattern’s free Delta Hooded Vest.

The most adorable backpack that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Looking for a (diaper) bag that stores all the necessities, but give you a ‘hands free’ option when pushing a baby buggy? Look no further than this adorable stroller tote.

These drawstring bonnet baskets make a sweet Valentine’s gift, but they’re also a perfect storage solution as well.

In last week’s Linky Thursday, I found a project to make large rag rugs…. This week I’ve found a much smaller version that I’ll definitely have to try – Braided Rag Rug Coasters!

Learn how to ‘quilt as you go’ and show off some of your prettiest fabrics with this End to End Pillow project!

Looking for a different take on the infinity scarf trend? Be sure to check out this Color Blocked version or this Frayed Edge tutorial that only takes 10 minutes to sew.