Design Your Projects with Colorful Drawings

01-cottonsteelThe popularity of adult coloring books prove that everyone loves to color. It’s not just stress relieving, but gives you a chance to express you creative side. Now, it’s even easier to take your coloring to a designing level with sewing pattern line drawings.

More designers\companies are beginning to release images of their products so that sewists are better able to plan out their wardrobes and “test out fabric” choices without the commitment of stitching up the item. Currently, the only “big 4” company taking advantage of this trend is McCalls – who have released PDFs of their 10 Fall 2015 looks as well as a Spring 2015 booklet (you’ll need to enter you email address for you to be able to download the drawings). Independent designers, such as Betz White, have also created dowloadable coloring pages (you’ll have to join her Facebook Group to access the PDFs that appear under “File” at the top of the page) that are perfect for planning design elements on her bags. Not your style? Here’s a few from the 1960′s if you’re looking for a retro style.

In the mean time, fabric designers continue to put out some awesome books that allow you to color in your favorite fabric prints. The latest to be released are the makers behind Cotton + Steel  – ooooh, tigers and typewriters are calling my name!