Linky Thursday

This shoe sachet tutorial is perfect timing because my oldest’s work shoes are in dire need of some… the fact that there’s a Sasquatch on it is bonus.

It takes just two pieces to make this tulip dress. It seems to whip up so fast that you might be able to make it in time for a NYE party!

Not only is this fabric tick-tack-toe board portable (it comes with it’s own carrying case), but it’s reusable for lots of gameplay!

If you’re lucky enough to have it still be sunny where you are, then you’ll probably want to make a sun glass case to store your sunnies. Don’t need a glass case? Try this smaller purse phone pouch instead.

Transform cute socks into an even cuter clasp pouch.

Not only will this tutorial teach you how to upcycle a sweater into a pair of boot socks, but will show you how to make a matching cowl as well!

Laundry is my nemesis. Maybe if I make a few of these extra large laundry baskets, I may be able to put off doing it for a few extra days.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the contents in your purse, be sure to check out this handy bag organizer.

These fold up tote is perfect for storing in the car or gift giving this holiday.

Christmas may be over, but it’s never too late to make a few ornaments for next year. These felt ice skates are perfect for next year’s tree or try it as a package decoration.

Does your little one need new gear for the cold? Whip up an adorable slouchy beanie using recycled shirt or sweater.

A fun way to change up the decorations in your home: Quilted & Piped Letters. This one is even no-sew.

Do you knit or know someone who does? This ultimate knitters tote looks like a definite ‘must-have’.

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