Hello 80s!

12-simplicityI am happy to say that as I enter 2016, I will not have any UFOs (un-finished objects)…. well, except one (alright two, but I plan on getting in the sewing room to finish that up tomorrow)…. Simplicity 1070. While I love the premise of this jacket and I adore the material, I just don’t love it on me.

You see it screams “Hello, ’80s” when I put this on…. all I need is a bottle of Aquanet and really big hair to pull this look off. If you can look past the horrible mirror selfie (all my photographers were gone), you can see that it is very oversized and the fabric (as much as I love it) make this jacket look dated (thinking back on it, I am pretty sure I had a boyfriend style jacket in a similar print when I was in middle school). Consequently, I think this project may have to be scrapped. Well, at least I’m starting off the new year with a clean slate!

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