Oh Christmas Tree

12-tree2Remember earlier in the month when I did a bit of (ceramic) painting? Well, my pieces were finally fired and ready to bring home.

While the tree looks pretty “traditional” (meh), I absolutely adore the base where I used a very cool ‘swirl’ technique (using shaving cream and paint). If I would have tried this sooner in my paint job, I think I would have done my entire tree this way. I also tried the same technique on the ornament in some Christmas themed colors… I think I prefer the bold colors of the base instead. When I brought it home, Easton helped me load it up with lights and we plugged it in – what a beautiful glow!

In other news, I have an abundance of fabric to unwrap for the holidays. There is a December Girl Charlee Knifix under the tree (I did a good job not unwrapping the contents, but will admit I peeked a little to see what was inside) and I have a fun HarleyQuinn\Joker themed knit and panel (a pre-order from KNITorious Fabric) arriving in the mail tomorrow (plus I ordered some bag hardware from Emmaline Bags┬áso I’m set when the Bag of the Month Club starts).