Better Blindfolds

12-mask2Easton’s Christmas party was Friday and one of the games we played was “Pin the Tail on Rudolph”. I tried this game last year and found that the blindfold (a bandanna) we used still let the kids ‘see’ where the nose was – especially if they cocked their head just right. So, this year I had a plan…. make better blindfolds!

I wound up using my Sleep Mask pattern as the basis for this project, but then decided (last minute) to make it more fun by adding some eyes to the outside of the mask (I selected “Flirty Eyes” from Urban Threads). I love the way it turned out, but Easton declared he wasn’t going to wear it because it was too girly…. so I wound up making a second blindfold in a holiday themed print – good thing these masks whip up so quickly (about 30 minutes)!


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