Oh Christmas Tree

12-treeToday’s post should be entitled, “Everything but sewing sort of weekend”. As much as I wanted to work on all of my pending projects, I never managed to set foot into my sewing room. Instead, we decorated the house (and tree) for Christmas, watch E play on his soccer and basketball teams, and I painted some pottery pieces.

While the ceramic tree looks like a pretty easy piece to paint, somehow our group each spent over 4 hours working on them…. we determined that they were much harder than what they looked! It’s always interesting to see how they turn out after being fired (I’ll be sure to keep you posted), but every time I go, it’s been a learning experience. In fact, we’ve determined we will try these trees again next year, but are going to do the cool swirl technique (I used it on the base and the star ornament) that we learned instead! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the end results once I get them back.

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