Varsity Cowl

11-varsityOh, the holidays – they always bring an interesting mix of unexpectedness. I had great intentions of keeping up with the blog over Thanksgiving. However, (terrible) weather, drama, and a whole lot of turkey got in the way. Thankfully, I had one afternoon that I was able to retreat into my sewing room and work on a project – another item for Easton (I’m on a roll with this boy).

Since I am planning ahead for the holidays, I decided to make something for Easton to wear on Christmas. I used the rest of the (solid) material from my Layer Me Up Sweater and Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Varsity Cowl Neck Pullover (I’ve actually had this pattern for quite some time, I just never had the ‘perfect’ material to sew with) to make a Ralph Lauren-style sweater.

The sizing on this one is evens only. Typically Easton wears about a 7, but I am guessing since this is an older pattern, the designer didn’t do as much grading on her designs back then…. Since the size 7 in her patterns can run snug on Easton, I figured an 8 might give the best fit (especially since I would be putting another shirt under it)…. as you can see and 8 is HUGE on him (just check out those sleeves!).  He doesn’t care, though – Easton is in love with this sweater. In fact, he wore it all day after we took this picture and insisted on wearing it to school today. Putting this together was pretty easy so if I decide to try this again (in a smaller size), it shouldn’t take terribly long to sew a new one. As a side note, I’d also go with a slightly thinner material to reduce some of the bulk in future tops.

Clearly I’m not excited about the fit on this one, but Easton adores it so it’s definitely a winner in that respect. It’s also very easy to sew, which makes this a friendly beginner project!