Sewing Socks

11-socks2Well, you can add “Sock-Maker” to the list of unusual things that I have sewn, because yesterday I made my first pair (for those that missed the post from the other day, I used this pattern).

Let me start off by saying that I really thought that this was going to be a very quick sew…. and in a way it was. However, putting the pattern together\cutting fabric seemed to take forever. It might have helped if I wasn’t watching tv at the same time, but in reality, I think it was the fact that there are too many choices for this pattern. In addition to the variety of lengths (ranging from mini-crew to thigh high), you have feet size (4-13 for women AND 8-17 for men), petite and plus sizing (this is especially important if you’re going to for thigh highs and over the knee lengths), cuff\elastic finishing, wide widths, petite\regular\tall lengths, and an optional ‘gusset’.

11-socks3I opted to make the ‘regular width’ size 9 (I really fell into the 8 size range, but I wanted to be sure that I had some ‘give’ – I really hate tight socks) in the crew length with the elastic finish.  Sewing was beyond simple – one seam. Upon testing the ‘fit’ I noticed that my socks were pretty snug on my calf so I opted to skip the elastic (because I hate tight socks). The end result is really a tube with a rounded, closed end – there is no shaping like commercial socks (and from what I read on the instructions, the pattern’s gusset really doesn’t do anything to give the sock shape, it seems more ‘decorative’).

So what about fit? Actually, it’s pretty good. In the end I probably should have gone with the size 8 (although I have very narrow feet so any extra width could be attributed to that), but the 9s work just fine. The seam on the sock (which runs across the toes and along one side) didn’t bother me as much as what I thought it might, but I didn’t wear them with shoes to see if they would ‘rub’ either. They also held up pretty well without elastic, too – they did start sliding some by the end of the day, but not too badly. I imagine that skipping the elastic will probably depend on lots of factors (calf size, material, etc.) so I may not be able to do that again.

The Bottom Line: I’m just kind of ‘meh’ over this pattern. I like the premise, but I wish the execution was different (sock having some shaping and a seam that didn’t run across the toes, but across the top of toes instead). With that said, I do love all the options and I may finally just break down and make myself a pair of boot socks that I want instead for searching stores for a pair I want. I’ll probably be using this pattern again, but don’t expect me to become the sock making fool that I had envisioned.


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  1. splintersnstitches

    Good to know! I hate RTW socks because I’m at the small end of the size on the package, so they stretch out way too big before the sock is even close to wearing out. So I was really hoping this would have the shaping (it seems gimmicky, but the arch support really does seem to help on my RTW socks!) that I prefer while being made in my size instead of an unreasonably large “range”.

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