Layer Me Up

11-lmuI was recently on a Facebook group and saw the cutest tunic that used a ‘sweater knit fabric’ from Joann’s (I’m using that term loosely, more on that in a minute). I decided that this particular project was a great excuse to buy this fabric and try my hand at one more Patterns for Pirates design (you may remember that I tried one this summer with some unsuccessful results). The result? The cute top on the left.

This time around I purchased the Layer Me Up Shirt (which was on sale) and opted to make the tunic with hem band and long sleeves (with cuffs). The fabric is a sweater knit style material that looks as if it is bonded to a fleece – it has plenty of stretch (over 50%), but is so-so on recovery. Everything came together well, but the fit is…. snug. Not uncomfortably tight, but close (and I feel like I might need to wear Spanx with it). Plus this tunic is so very HOT (I had this on for under 5 minutes and felt as if I could break a sweat).

So my verdict? First off, no more Patterns for Pirates patterns for me. While this one (sort of) works, it’s once again way too tight (even though my measurements fall within the size range). A lot of people have great success with their designs, but they are clearly not styled for my body type. Secondly, I can only wear this tunic when it’s cold out because it is hot! This fabric would be perfect to use as a cardigan or maybe a jacket (something that can be worn in layers and removed if you get too warm), but as a top it might be a bit too warm. With that said, I have a family gathering to wear this too and it’s supposed to snow on that day…. so it looks like this tunic (and some Spanx) might be a perfect top to wear after all!

One thought on “Layer Me Up

  1. Karen

    Hey! Is there a link to this fabric, and what did you use for the sleeves and cuffs? I find it impossible to find this argyle pattern in women’s sweater vests, and I don’t want to have to convert a mann’s vest… although I might have to. :/

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