The Bristol Button-Up Completed Project

11-bristoldoneJust in time for the chilly temperatures, my Bristol Button-Up is finally complete! And, I’ve managed to make several changes since I’ve last showed you this project.

First off, I substantially shortened this shirt. While I love the idea of a tunic length design, my beefy flannel just wasn’t working with this pattern (it’s just too stiff and you’ll definitely want some drape in the tunic length to make it more ‘figure flattering’). So, I took up the length 3 inches which is still 1″ longer than the shirt hem – I like where it falls on me this way. Once I shortened up the top, I decided that I needed to add the pocket (initially, I didn’t like the pocket on the top, it looked weird and falls on the bust dart, but it seems to work now).  I also wound up nixing the idea that I was going to use snaps and went with buttons – once again, my flannel was just too thick. Lastly, I took in sides…. a lot. While the medium was ideal for fitting in the shoulders, the rest of the shirt was just big and boxy on me. In the end I wound up taking in 1 1/2 around the waistline on each side (and probably about 5/8-1″ under the arms and hip areas on each side) so that it is more fitted on me. That is a lot of inches to take off, but it definitely makes for a more feminine top (especially paired up with the pretty curved hem).

11-bristolcuffWhile I love the end result, I’m not sure that I’ll make this pattern again. There was a lot of fitting going on to make this one work for me (3″ is a lot to take off in my opinion) and I really hate buttons (I should mention that there is not a button placement guide on the pattern which made me dislike it more). Plus, the sleeve is too long  for me… I didn’t realize this was an issue until after I added the placket and cuff. Speaking of the placket – that was the only area of the pattern instructions that I had a difficult time understanding. I’m not sure if it was just me (it was late in the day when I tackled that) or if it was just the way it was constructed\written…. I will say that I loved the end result, though – can you say CamCuffs?

The bottom line? I would definitely rate this pattern an intermediate – there’s lots of fitting that needs to be dealt with, a difficult to understand placket construction, curved hems, and buttons that you’ll need to measure yourself. I would also highly recommend using a thin flannel (finally a use for the cheap(er) stuff!) so that it has more drape (for a flattering end result), is easier to sew, and allows you to make modifications like snaps!


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