Soy Tu Padre

11-swdarthactionSometimes I stash fabric until I find the perfect pattern – on in this case the perfect “coordinate”. Quite some time ago, I had purchased several yards of a Star Wars Sugar Skull print – thinking that at some point I may make a hoodie or shirt. However while strolling through the isles of Target recently, I discovered this Soy Tu Padre sugar skull Darth shirt for men… and immediately snagged it (then went to two other Targets to find one more shirt because I may want to use it for myself too). I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this too – Jalie 2918, the ‘layered tee’.

This men’s shirt pattern is easily one of my most used\loved designs – it’s taken me from toddler tee’s to this stylish 7 1/2 year old wardrobe staple (and I imagine I have many, many more years to use this one too). As always, I got great results and the perfect fit from this pattern – and Easton immediately had to wear this tee as soon as it was finished (this is why we didn’t get better photos, this is E getting ready to catch the bus for school). You can see the transformation from oversized shirt to awesome kid’s tee here:



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