Bristol Update

11-bristol2Progress on the Bristol Button-up is slowly progressing. I am currently at the point in sewing where I am able to test the fit and have noticed some changes need to be made before I can move on:

First off the tunic length is way too long on me – in fact, it could almost pass as a dress. I wouldn’t mind that look (I could even wear a belt with it), but the flannel is very beefy and wold never look right. Consequently, I’m going to first shave off 2″ and see what it looks like. If it still looks too long, I’ll take it back up to the ‘shirt’ length (4″ shorter).

The other modification I need to make is taking in the sides. While stitching up the medium was great for my shoulders\back area (I have wider shoulders and this size fits perfectly in those areas), it isn’t as fitted as I would like in the midriff (right now it looks sort of sloppy). I’m waiting to take this area in after I settle the length issue to see how that effects the overall look (maybe taking up the length will make it look less sloppy).

The last issue? Snaps. I really wanted to use my cute pearl snaps with this project, but after briefly messing around with the snaps in the placket area, it looks like the material might be to thick. I’ll have to revisit that later, but I may be shopping for buttons after all.