It Glows

20151104_100335I admit it. I am a sucker for┬ánovel fabrics. In addition to the Bristol Button Up I mentioned yesterday, I couldn’t help by start another project – this one involving a glow-in-the dark knit print for Easton. Why aren’t there more fabrics like this? (seriously, if you know of more glow-in-the-dark knits, let me know!). I can totally see making a whole array of glow-in-the-dark pajamas and underwear for the holidays! The only downside to this particular fabric is that even though it is a knit, it doesn’t have much stretch. Instead of going up one size so that the finished garment would fit, I opted only to use this material on the front side of the shirt I am making. More on that soon!

2 thoughts on “It Glows

  1. Kathy Steigleder

    Just from my experience, having glow in the dark fabric on pajamas means that you get to spend most of the night pulling your sheet up over your shoulders, because the pattern is glowing, keeping you awake! Something to think about, anyway!

    1. stacy Post author

      I sleep like a mummy (I’m all wrapped up in covers), but it might keep Easton ‘entertained’ if he’s glowing too much. Good thing to keep in mind – “Don’t make glow-in-the dark pajamas for my nephews. They won’t sleep and their parents will hate them!”

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