Movie Replica Mask

I got off easy this year. This year, I didn’t have to make any Halloween costumes. Sort of.

Easton has decided that from now on, he will only be ‘scary’ characters for Halloween. Consequently, his costume of choice this year is… Jason Voorhees. He’s really only familiar with this character because Jason appeared in this year’s Mortal Kombat X game (plus it’s a pretty iconic mask), but he’s attempting to go for complete authenticity because he wants everything to look exactly as it appears in the game (he has even asked that I use makeup to make his face look just like Jason’s – I had to break it to him that special effect makeup was beyond my skill set). I was able to find a jacket that was similar to Jason’s as well as work boots to complete the look, but the mask was disappointing. In fact, Easton disliked it so much that he begged me to paint it:


The photo on the left is the original, glow-in-the-dark mask and the photo on the right is after I painted it up. It took a bit of trial and error to get the right look, but in the end, the best technique was lots of paint mixing and dabbing with paper towels (forget the brushes and sponges, they just streak and smear on the plastic). I guess I can put “movie replica costumer: to my resume now.

One thought on “Movie Replica Mask

  1. Sarah

    Easton is growing up so fast! Great job on the mask. Same thing happened this year for us – Aidan is going as the modern-day Sherlock so I just purchased items from Goodwill, eBay and Amazon. Happy Halloween!!!

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