Boundless Style

10-boundlessMy favorite type of sewing book is filled with lots of projects. However, most are very “set” in the specific styles and patterns that they offer. So, basically, it’s up to you to modify the designs and make them your own. Victory Patterns designer, Kristiann Boos, takes a completely different approach in her new book, Boundless Style by giving you the building blocks to design your own garment without having to make those modifications!

Inside Boundless Style are 5 different bodices, sleeves, and skirt styles in a variety of shapes and styles that allow you to design you own silhouette. Not only can you create peplum tops and skirt separates, but Boundless Style also helps you to design an entire dress to suit your needs – there hundreds of different combinations to try!

10-boundless3Kristiann’s book walks you through the steps of creating your new look. All the patterns are included in a CD in the back of the books so the first chapters cover the basics on printing, assembling, and tracing your patterns while touching on grading the pattern if you’re in between sizes, lengthening\shortening each section of the garment (there’s also a handy workbook section for writing down your measurements and modifications you made), and how to tackle fitting as you go. She also discusses fabric choices, notions\supplies, and discusses, in detail, the skills you will need during the construction process (such as marking, eliminating bulk, how to sew darts, inserting zippers, etc.). Each chapter is then broken down into the specific pattern itself, with plenty of photos to help you through the process, with the last section of the book covering how to assemble your finished design (attaching the sleeves, skirt, lining, etc.)

10-boundless2Want a taste of what’s inside Boundless Style? I suggest you head over to the LookBook and play with all the designs available – you can even save your creations for later and share them with the world (if you search hard enough you’ll even find a few from me!). For more information and to by your copy be sure to visit the link below:

Boundless Style: A Mix-and-Match Sewing Pattern Workbook
By Kristiann Boos
Fons & Porter/F+W; $32.99

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