E.N.U.F. Recon

What prompted this weekend’s closet purge was digging around for a particular t-shirt that I’ve been holding onto for ages (as a side note, I’m not kidding around about the ages part, if you google the logo, you’ll find people reselling them under the ‘vintage’ section of websites). This particular ‘vintage’ tee is extremely oversized and outdated, bu matches the floral knitfix that I received in September’s bag pretty well so I decided it was finally time for a recon.


For this shirt, I used the Rainier Ragalan pattern again – this time I went up one size from my previous version to accommodate the reduced stretch of the tee shirt material and because I found the my first top a bit snug along the upper bust. It’s a good thing I did this because the limited stretch pretty much makes the fit the exact same as the previous version. The only other change I made was leaving the hem on this one unstitched (I think it keeps with the vintage feel of the shirt and makes a nice roll when you wear it). Overall I love the end result: the floral makes it a bit funky and is definitely on trend for tees\sweatshirts this year (from what I’ve seen there’s a lot of hoodies and tees that add floral elements, especially in the sleeves), plus I finally got to recon the shirt I’ve been hanging onto for years!

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