Letting Go

There is something about cleaning out your wardrobe that is dreadful: You stand in your closet, half naked, trying on clothing that neither fits or is flattering\in-style for hours only to have to say goodbye to some of your former favorites.

This was my weekend. I’ve been working on the motivation to do this for, well, years and finally had enough of the mess that I decided it was time for “The Great Purge”.  While I have cleaned out a few items here and there, I determined from some of the sizes\styles\items that I went through it’s been almost 8 years since I’ve done a thorough job. Saying goodbye to old favorites, especially ones that you sewed yourself, is always a difficult chore, but I went in with this mindset that made it a bit better:

  • There is no way I am going to be size X again. I’m not kidding myself – those size X’s haven’t fit in 10 years they aren’t going to suddenly fit now (and if for some reason I would become that size again, I deserve to reward myself with something new anyway!)
  • There are always more patterns & fabrics to be sewn. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I have a tendency to hang onto a garment that I’ve sewn longer because it has more “sentimental value”. Chances are I’ll be filling up my closet very soon with new creations anyway.
  • I took a good look at my lifestyle (for the most part, I live a very casual lifestyle with an occasional ‘business casual’ or ‘dressy’ event here and there) and purged a majority of the clothes that don’t fit into those categories.
  • Your clothes\shoes have served you well. Thank them for their service and remember someone will probably love it just as much as what you once did.
  • And of course, “If you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid of it” rule.

Now for the full disclosure: the only thing that I didn’t purge were my T-shirts. I have a t-shirt problem. I’m like Sheldon Cooper and could wear a kitschy tee almost every day and for almost any occasion. With that said, my closet still looks fabulous (I can even see everything I own and it’s neatly organized). and now I have PLENTY of room for new stuff – in fact, I’m heading into the sewing room today so that I can start filling up those empty hangers.


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