Chevron Pockets

09-pocketProgress on my Simplicity jacket is chugging along and I’m not sure that I like what is happening – it’s just so big and boxy (and I even went down one size). I stopped at the part where you add the lining and am pondering if I should take in the seams a bit to make it more fitted or just go with it the way it is. While I ponder what I am going to do, I decided to make Taylor a shirt that she had requested.

You see when we went for her WSU college visit, she saw a black, long sleeved shirt with a fabric, chevron pocket (with the WuShock embroidered on it) that she really wanted…. it also cost $60. We knew that I could make this for substantially less so we never got it. It took me all summer (and fall) to find the right yellow chevron (WSU colors are yellow and black), but I did it! Instead of adding Wu to the front, I embroidered her house’s letters (these had to be dramatically reduced to make it work – normally this is not recommended because in can distort the image, but because it is an applique it works…. although it does make it very difficult to trim the fabric because it is so small). As for the pocket shape\size – I just winged it (initially, it was much larger, but because I used such a contrasting material for the shirt, it looked massive)! If you’re wondering how much this project cost – it was a whopping $12! Talk about sewing saving you money!