Rainier in Plaid

09-raglanAfter a brief brainstorming session, I decided to put one of my September KnitFix fabrics to use making a new shirt. Because I apparently believe that one can not have too many raglan shirt patterns and decided to try out a new one… The Rainier Raglan (I purchased this pattern quite some time ago and never put it together until this weekend). I bought a “papyrus”  rayon spandex for the body of the shirt and used the plaid for the sleeves and neckline. In the end, I wound up adding a small pocket because it just added a bit more interest to the shirt.

As for the fit, it’s a bit snug in the chest (it has some pulling on the upper bust area – I’m not sure that anyone but a sewist would notice though): I was a smidge larger in the bust than a small but the medium was going to be way too loose. Instead of cutting in between sizes, I went with a small (because the models for this shirt doesn’t look very fitted) and now realize that I could have went up a size without too much issue.  Otherwise, this was a easy sew and fits very well everywhere else. Chances are I won’t be able to wear this one anyway because Taylor keeps telling me how much she likes it.

I still have quite a bit of this plaid left over and plan on using it very soon for another project as well – I think this print far better than what I expected I would!

One thought on “Rainier in Plaid

  1. Rhonda

    I think the shirt is so cute. As for being a bit tight, just look around at how most people these days are dressing. I’m sure your top is loose by comparison.
    Happy, happy birthday!!!!!! Hope it’s a great one 🙂

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