Force Friday Shirt (A Bit Late)

09-lanedone…. And just like that my Lane Raglan is finished! This pattern had several options that I omitted that sped up the sewing process. First off, there is the hood. I initially cut out the pieces for the hood started sewing it and looked at how it fit and have to admit, it just didn’t work with this shirt. The pattern on the fabric is really bold and adding more with the hood just made it too much. Plus the hood itself is too large for the shirt (IMHO) so I sort of looked like a Sith Lord when I put it on (chances are I would never wear the hood anyway).

The second option is adding thumb holes to the cuffs. I intended on doing this, but when I sewed my first cuff I left a hole (not the thumb hole, this was a hole that was in the seam) and I just couldn’t figure out how to fix it (I tried, I just kept missing it) so I scrapped the whole idea of adding thumb hole cuffs to my shirt because I only had enough material to remake one cuff (note to self: go buy more basic black knit). I’m sort of kicking myself now for not figuring out my mistake because this sleeve is really made to have thumb holes – they are very long and the cuff comes to mid-hand.

The length on this is a bit odd – it’s clearly too long for me and hits me at a weird spot. It’s like it’s longer than a ‘standard’ shirt, but not long enough to wear with a legging to qualify it as a tunic. I think in the end I’ll just scrunch it up and wear it where I think it should hit me – the band at the bottom should keep it in place. It also runs a tad larger than what I expected. My sizing places me somewhere in between a ‘small’ and a ‘medium’ (I cut in between these line), but I clearly could have cut a straight out ‘small’ and been fine.

Overall, I like this shirt a lot – it’s a bit crazy looking and seems as if it’s made for Halloween (I think it’s the stripes with the purple combo), but it should be fun to wear when the weather turns cool. If I make this pattern again, I’ll definitely make some changes and definitely work on those thumb hole cuffs!