Catwoman – The Bodysuit

09-catsuitFor those of you following along in my Catwoman Cosplay sewing, I’m happy to report that the Yaya Han body suit is complete! (Please ignore the fact that this is not a great photo – I took it “hot off the sewing machine”). Since I’ve already covered sewing tips on working with vinyl this week (you can read more about machine tension\needles and zipper insertion), it’s time to cover construction and fit!

Construction: Honestly, putting this pattern together was a breeze. Everything lined up well and the instructions were easy to follow… even the zipper went in well (especially considering I put it in on a stretch vinyl)! I am pretty sure that an advanced beginner could put this together with good results.

Fit: I’m going to start this off by saying fabric makes a HUGE difference in how this pattern will fit. My muslin for the bodysuit was a 4-way swimsuit spandex\lycra – it moved well and was extremely comfortable. The vinyl (even though it had the right amount of 4-way stretch) is definitely more form fitting (think of it as a stretchy corset) and requires a bit of assistance in putting it on (I’m not kidding, I can get both legs in and one arm, but I can’t quite manage to get the other one on by myself). With that said, the fit really is spot on, it fits like a glove and I have to admit, makes an awesome Catwoman suit! As a side note, I now know why book heroines\villians look really ‘busty’, because I look as if I might pop out of this suit and I’m not what you would call ‘well endowed’, plus there is no way they would be able to effectively fight crime\cause mayhem in these suits all day long! Now it’s time to figure out how to sew a cowl to complete this look!

The bottom line: If you’re interested in cosplay, I highly recommend this pattern – it fits and sews well and lends itself to lots of possibilities. Plus, without any modifications (and in a “cooperative” fabric), it would be very possible to create a finished bodysuit in a long day.

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  1. Sarah C

    Holy hot mama, Batman! You did a fantastic job. You are right, that fit is spot on. I am excited to see what you come up with for the cowl.

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