Catwoman: The Muslin

08-muslinI spent some time in the sewing room working on a muslin for the McCall bodysuit (7217). Typically, McCall patterns run at least 1 size too big on me so I spent some time debating which one I should cut. I went ahead and used the one that correlated with my measurements (14 with the A\B cup) because I figured that this one probably has negative ease (I never could find finished measurement anywhere on the envelope or pattern) and going too small would make me look like a sausage. As for material to muslin, I went with…. swimsuit fabric! Why in the world I never thought of using this type of material before is beyond me (although I am keeping this in mind for future costume designs) – it has 4 way-stretch and is at least 70% both ways.

What totally surprised me is how well this fits out of the package. Normally I have ‘long waist’ issues, but this fits perfectly (I am sure that the 4 way stretch helps in that area) without riding and is form fitting, but not too tight. I did notice some over stretching in the bust area – so I think I will play with somewhere between the A\B and C cup sizing to see if that fixes it. I debated on making the stirrup portion of is this pattern because I am concerned that my thighs might be larger than the pattern sizing – something to work on today.

Overall, this bodysuit is perfect beginning (and darn cute in a polka dot muslin, if I do say so myself) to a costume! Now, I’m anxious to see how it performs with a vinyl…. I’m thinking that if I don’t like it, I can always head to the performance\dance\swim knits and find something I like better.