Catwoman Cosplay

08-catwomanOne of my favorite things to make are costumes – it gives me the perfect excuse to play with (crazy) fabrics, notions, and trims that I might not otherwise have a chance to work with. For years I’ve been saying that I’m going to make a few cosplay garments and I have finally decided to get off my rear and do it (largely because ComicCon is on my bucket list and Bret said that if we’re going I might as well have something to wear, etc.). While I have 10 different ideas rolling around in my head I have finally decided Catwoman (Arkam City version) will be my first (mainly because I have been itching to use McCall’s bodysuit pattern).

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to muslin this one first…. “Big 4” patterns have a tendency to run large on me and I want to catch any fit issues before I cut into my vinyl (as a side note, I am wishing that I would have gotten the matte vinyl instead, there is a lot of high shine going on there).

I’ve included all the details for this costume below. However, I fully expect that I will need to adjust this when it comes to the cowl (notions and I know for sure that I’ll have to purchase the goggles). With that said, considering the expense of some cosplay costumes, not too bad on price, eh?

Pattern: McCall’s Pattern’s 7217 (Yaya Han Zippered Bodysuits)

Fabric: Black stretch vinyl from Spandex House

Total Cost:

Pattern….. $1.99
Fabric……. $26.00
Notions…. $2.69

Total $30.68

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