Help! Fabric Wanted!

08-eleonoreWhere in the world is everyone getting their pretty stretch denim\twill for their Eleonore Pull on Jeans? I have been searching locally (and online) and haven’t found anything (other than stretch sateen) that has enough for this particular pattern. I really wished that this Stretch Prada Slither Twill had enough stretch – wouldn’t they make a fabulous pair of skinny jeans?

Since the EleonoreĀ pattern is stillĀ on hold, I’m moving onto the next project, McCall 7217, the Yaya Han Bodysuit. I’ve been putting off starting this one because I know that I have to muslin this one…. and that’s not nearly as fun as sewing. At least I already have fabric in hand to start this when I’m ready – mad props to Spandex House on their super speedy delivery (I only wish their ordering process was easier).

2 thoughts on “Help! Fabric Wanted!

  1. birdmommy

    The folks at Jalie are pretty friendly (in both official languages!). Why not drop them a line and find out where they do their shopping? It’s probably a shop in Montreal, but maybe there’s a website.

    1. stacy Post author

      I did that this morning too! I was afraid it might be someone in Canada, but was thrilled she referenced a twill (one that I actually had my eye on) that they’ve used. Event though the material is listed as having a 10% stretch, it sounds like that is a conservative estimate on’s part. sounds like I’ll be placing a order tonight!

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