The Minecraft Polo

08-minecraftI can now strike one back-to-school garment off the ‘must sew list’… the Minecraft polo is finished! I was very nervous about how this one would turn out since the print is so bold, but I think that the contrasting pieces really help break up the design – it’s still busy, but not overwhelmingly so.

This was my second time stitching up the Perfect Polo and it went together just as easily as the first (although I don’t think my placket looks as good this time around). The only change I made with this polo┬áis omitting the pocket – Easton never uses it and I think adding one would break up the print too much.

The best thing about this shirt? It’s one-of-a-kind! With all the Minecraft tees floating around out there, he’s guaranteed that no one else will be wearing this to school. Now it’s time to put the Rude’s panel to good use…

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