Minecraft Faces

05-minecraftfacesWith 3 weeks left of summer before school starts, I figure it’s time to start making a few ‘back-to-school’ items for Easton. I always find sewing for boys a challenge – there are only a handful of styles they wear and finding fabric geared toward a young male (there’s a lot more infant\toddler boys stuff out there) is often difficult. However, several months ago I stumbled across some Minecraft (stretch) themed material and had to snag it…. I’ve been sitting on it ever since and finally made the decision to cut into it.

I figured since we had several Minecraft themed tees already, I would stay away from that style and try something different – a polo. This print is very busy (and has very large blocks) and the Perfect Polo has just enough contrast pieces (saddle shoulders, pocket, placket, and collar) that will hopefully break up the design some. With any luck (and very careful cutting), I may even have enough material to make a t-shirt, too!