Burlap Pillows

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays of the year, but by the time fall rolls around, I’m so engrossed in other projects that I rarely haven enough time to stitch up some of the ideas I have rolling round inside my head. Not this year. This year, I’m starting early. This year, I started Halloween in July.



I was inspired by Urban Thread’s Apothoscary photo from their recent sale (I didn’t realize that I had used the same designs as their until today) to make burlap pillows (mine look less fuzzy, but I imagine the more I handle them, the more they will ‘fray’). This was my first time embroidering on burlap and I found it surprisingly easy – the key is to use a good stabilizer and don’t hoop the fabric. Hooping will definitely distort the grain of the material.

When I came to pillow construction, I lined the burlap with muslin before sewing to keep the stuffing from poking out through the “holes” of the fabric. I think doing this will also help the pillow be a bit more durable over time as well. Now, I can’t wait for fall to roll around so I can put these permanently on my porch and start celebrating the season!

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