New Tutorial: Swimsuit Wetbag

07-wetbagMy latest tutorial for Bernina’s WeAllSew went live yesterday and it’s perfect for summer… it’s a Swim Wetbag! The interior of this bag is made with PUL to keep moisture\wet suits ‘locked’ inside the bag and away from clothing and other items that need to stay dry. It also has a zippered closure and a detachable handle so that it can easily be used as a stand alone pouch or clipped onto beach bags, gym totes, etc.

I took this bag along with us on our most recent trip and it was the perfect size (the finished size is 15″ square) for all our wet suits and it worked wonders keeping the rest of our clothing dry in the suitcase. Can’t wait for everyone to give this one a try and let me know how you use your new Wetbag!