Poppin’ Cookin’ Sushi Making

This past week\weekend, we had a trip out of town to get away before school starts (in 3 weeks) and to give Easton his ‘roller coaster fix’ for the year (he is obsessed with theme parks and because he is finally tall enough to ride a new batch of roller coasters, he was ready to ride them all). Consequently, there wasn’t any sewing going on (although I did do some Halloween\cosplay planning), but we did do some ‘crafting’ once we got home yesterday…. candy crafting that is!

Chances are if you have kids, your child has watched at least one Poppin’ Cookin’ video. While out shopping, we stumbled across their sushi kit and had to give it a whirl:



The shocking thing is that the end result of our Popin’ Cookin’ kit looks just like the ones on the box and my 7 year old could do almost everything by himself. The flavors were good, although very sugary, and the texture is odd – if you don’t care for jello-like substances, a lot of this will be off-putting. Otherwise, this was a fun little project to do together and sample it’s flavors.

Now it’s back onto sewing! I have lots of projects in my mind that I want to get started: A few back-to-school shirts, more shorts for my mom, a pair of Elenore pull-on pants, and a circle skirt using the left over floral from the Summer Tee. Whew, I think I’m going to be busy this week!